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Disability Rights Ohio serves people who are developmentally disabled, mentally ill or have another significant physical or mental impairment that interferes with a substantial life activity, such as mobility or learning, and who are eligible under Disability Rights Ohio's program requirements. Some Disability Rights Ohio programs have additional eligibility requirements, such as receiving social security or vocational rehabilitation services.

Every state is required to have a Protection and Advocacy (P & A) system for people with disabilities. If you have a disability but do not live in Ohio, you can find your state's P & A system on the National Disability Rights Network Web site.

There are particular problem areas and cases that Disability Rights Ohio will not accept. Because of program and funding limits, Disability Rights Ohio does not generally take cases that other agencies routinely accept; where the court appoints counsel or the client is already represented by an attorney; involving malpractice suits; or of a general legal nature when the problem is not directly related to the person's disability. Disability Rights Ohio does not provide representation in criminal matters.

To request help, contact Disability Rights Ohio Intake: Need Our Help?