Disability Rights Ohio joins other advocacy organizations to submit comments to ODE on proposed rules and policy governing seclusion and restraint in schools

October 24, 2012 / restraint and seclusion

Disability Rights Ohio, joined by other advocacy organizations (People First of Ohio, NAMI Ohio, TASH OHIO, and The Arc of Ohio) submitted comments to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) on its proposed policy and rule governing seclusion and restraint in schools.

In summary, the comments strongly recommend that ODE adopt and implement a policy and rule that are transparent, enforceable, consistent with best practices, and encourage a spirit and environment of positive culture and learning for both students and staff. Specifically, the policy and rule should include the following provisions:

  • Clear definitions of terms and process;
  • Prohibition of seclusion, transitional holds, and other dangerous interventions (mechanical and chemical restraint, aversive behavioral interventions, and physical restraint that is life-threatening or when medically or emotionally contraindicated);
  • Requirement of training in positive behavior approaches and de-escalation;
  • Establishment of notice, reporting, and complaint process requirements;
  • Recognition and promotion of positive culture and safe education settings; and
  • Accountability and performance standards that enables the ODE, school districts, and the public to measure success over time, view unintended outcomes, and request further changes.

Read the comments: Comments on ODE proposed RS Policy and Rule [PDF]


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