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Multi-factored Evaluation (MFE)

A Multi-factored Evaluation (MFE) is a determination of special education eligibility. The MFE must be completed within 60 days of parental consent for evaluation. Parental consent is required for the initial evaluation but the school can use due process to get an evaluation done.

The MFE results in an Evaluation Team Report (ETR), which is a summary of current performance, strengths and needs and establishes eligibility under one of the special education categories.

There is a re-evaluation done at least once every three years or more frequently if the student's condition warrants, such as the student is having behaviors in school that are not being addressed.

Advocacy Tip

Tip 1: A school district may refuse to conduct a MFE if the district does not suspect that the student has a disability. If the district refuses to evaluate the student, share with the school any outside evaluations or assessments that support that the student has a disability. Ask the district to provide a "prior written notice" of the reasons for the refusal.

Tip 2: If a student does not qualify for an IEP the school district must assess whether the student qualifies for special education services through a Section 504 Plan. A student would qualify for a Section 504 Plan if he or she has a substantial limitation in learning or another major life activity, such as walking, seeing or breathing. For more information: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973