National Disability Voter Registration Week

As we prepared for National Disability Voter Registration Week this week, I studied some statistics about disabled voters and found it quite interesting. I gathered data from Pew Research Center and Rutgers University and found these facts:

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Accidental American: Voting as a Disabled Person

The America I grew up in was no place for a kid in a wheelchair, and it never let me forget this; I’d smell the inside of a bakery I could never actually enter, or else I’d read Wikipedia summaries of the newest comics I couldn’t buy from a comic-book...

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Transition Services Should Begin Early

When a student with a disability reaches age 14, it is time to start thinking about and planning for what will happen after high school. This may seem premature or overwhelming because often times the family is busy trying to make sure the student has the services he or she...

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Kayla Stacy finds a path forward after being abused by her doctor

Trigger Warning: This story contains discription of sexual assault. People with disabilities depend on doctors. For therapy. For prescriptions. For guidance. Kayla Stacy’s long journey with chronic pain had left her frustrated by many healthcare professionals who didn’t take her complaints seriously. So when she found a doctor who seemed to...

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BILLS TO WATCH: The SAFE Act: An Opportunity to Stop Suspending and Expelling Kids in Preschool through Third Grade

Education has changed a lot in the past 20 to 30 years. At DRO we’ve seen an increase in calls from parents with kids with disabilities who are facing more and more extreme discipline. While it was almost unthinkable in the past that children as young as 3 years old...

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Guest Writer: Institutional Life and Community Life Are NOT Equivalent Choices

"The average non-disabled adult does not live with 3 or more unrelated persons. In fact, unless living in an unwed lover relationship, most non-disabled Americans don’t live with even 1 unrelated person (stepchildren I consider related by marriage), especially after the age of 30."

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Did you know that DRO can be your back-to-work advocate?

Many people with disabilities want to work, but they need some help determining what kind of job they want, gaining the right skills for that job and then finding and keeping that job. The technical term for these types of needs is “vocational rehabilitation services,” or VR services. In Ohio,...

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