Disability Rights Ohio scores major victory in case of Gibson v. Forest Hills School District

February 21, 2014 / Transition

For over four years, Disability Rights Ohio represented Chloe Gibson, a student with autism, a seizure disorder and moderate cognitive impairment, and fought to help her actively pursue an education and make progress toward achieving her goal of gaining customized supported employment in an integrated setting after graduation.

As a result of this advocacy, Judge Susan J. Dlott of the United State District Court for the Southern District of Ohio ruled in favor of Chloe Gibson and ordered Forest Hills School District to provide her with a host of individualized services and supports to assist her pursuit of further educational, employment and community living opportunities. See Judge Dlott’s Decision here.

In the ruling, the court referenced Governor Kasich’s Executive Order 2012-05K in recognizing that “Ohio law has been changed to reflect a preference that community employment be the IEP goal for all students with disabilities.” Ohio’s “Employment First” policy was developed with the goal of encouraging more opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to explore competitive and community based employment possibilities.

Disability Rights Ohio is committed to advocating on behalf of students with disabilities to achieve their educational and community employment goals, and views the ruling in Chloe Gibson’s case as an important step towards ensuring that all Ohio students are provided with the proper transition services and individualized assessments to help them prepare to achieve their post-secondary goals and beyond.

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