DRO supports release of report on low-income housing

August 16, 2016 / housing

Disability Rights Ohio supports the state's legal aid societies and fair housing agencies in their request that the Ohio Housing Finance Agency critically examine the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program to ensure that there are housing options available to low-income families in areas with access to high-performing schools, good jobs and safe neighborhoods. This request comes alongside the release of a report that shows a majority of housing that is financed by the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program is built in areas with very high concentrations of poverty and racial segregation.

People with disabilities face barriers to housing because of a lack of both accessible and affordable options. Children with disabilities are particularly impacted when families do not have access to affordable housing options in areas with high-performing schools, safe neighborhoods and access to employment. These community characteristics are strong predictors of a child's future success.

As Ohio takes other measures to ensure that people with disabilities are able to live in the community and access high quality education and integrated employment opportunities, it is important that housing continue to be a critical piece of the conversation. Ohio should ensure that we have the resources needed to fulfill increased demand for affordable, accessible housing that allows people with disabilities to be full participants in community life.

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