ODE responds to Disability Rights Ohio’s investigation report on the use of seclusion in Columbus City Schools

October 26, 2012 / restraint and seclusion

Interim Superintendent Sawyers, of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) wrote a letter in response to Disability Rights Ohio’s report on restraint and seclusion that was released at the end of September, 2012.

The letter describes ODE’s proposed draft policies and rules regarding use of restraint and seclusion in Ohio schools. It doesn’t specifically address the concerns about the Columbus City School’s (CCS) practices that are punitive and traumatizing to students with disabilities.

Disability Rights Ohio responded in a letter (see letter here [PDF]) asking whether ODE is taking any action to remedy the violations of legal and human rights occurring within the district. The letter also informed the Interim Superintendent that Disability Rights Ohio has submitted comments to the proposed rule (see Comments on Proposed Rules here [PDF]).

Those comments include a call for a ban on the use of seclusion.

Read the ODE letter: Superintendent Sawyers (ODE) response [PDF]
Read Disability Rights Ohio report: Restraint and Seclusion investigation report [PDF]
Read Disability Rights Ohio letter : Sue Tobin of Ohio Disability Rights response to ODE [PDF]
Read Disability Rights Ohio comments: Comments from Disability Rights Ohio on the ODE draft policy and rules for use of restraints and seclusion

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