Ruth Colker addresses House Bills 333 and 334 in Plain Dealer op-ed

March 6, 2014 / ADA

Ruth Colker, DRO Board member and Distinguished University Professor at the Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University, wrote an op-ed for the Cleveland Plain Dealer to share how Ohio legislators are seeking to limit enforcement of parts of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Education for All Handicapped Children Act with proposed House Bills 333 and 334.

House Bill 333 would require notice to business owners whose properties are not accessible and a waiting period of up to five months before an individual with disabilities can file suit. House Bill 334 extends additional authority to school officials to expel students with behavioral challenges for longer periods of time, denying them equal access to education as required by the IDEA and possibly creating additional problems for them in school.

Read her op-ed: Proposed Ohio laws mark step backwards for people with disabilities: Ruth Colker


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