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Disability Rights Ohio is mandated by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (PL 107-252) to advocate for the rights of Ohio voters with disabilities and to assist the Secretary of State in fulfilling the Secretary's obligations to those voters under the federal law. Through this program, Disability Rights Ohio:

  • educates individuals, communities, poll workers, and boards of election about the voting rights of people with disabilities;
  • monitors and investigates complaints about polling place accessibility and privacy;
  • collaborates with other voting rights advocates for systemic change for people with disabilities;
  • participates in the implementation of provisions of the Help America Vote Act affecting people with disabilities; and
  • assists and represents individual voters in state-based administrative grievance processes.

This section provides information about voter rights and assistance for people with disabilities.


10/21: Your Rights At The Polls

10/15: Ohio's Remote Ballot Marking System

10/6: Casting Your Ballot Safely

9/24: Voting Absentee

9/17: Getting Registered

Plain Language Voting Help

What is Disability Rights Ohio?

How Can DRO Help Me If I Have Trouble Voting?

Why Is It Important to Vote?

Who Has the Right to Vote in Ohio?

What Are the Different Ways I Can Vote?

What Information or Documents Do I Need to Vote in Person?

Will COVID-19 Affect My Right to Vote?

How Do I Get Registered and Ready to Vote?

What Kind of Help Can I Get When I go to Vote at the Polls?

Additional Resources

The Ohio Secretary of State's voter resource page:

Forms to request to use Ohio's remote absentee ballot marking tool for voters with vision impairments and other print disabilities: PDF version | HTML version 

Voter Hotline and LaRose's COVID-19 Directive 

Voter Rights and Assistance

Early Voting

Individuals with Disabilities and Voting: The Glancy Consent Order

Is Your Polling Place Accessible?

Protect Your Right to Vote

Registering to Vote: Frequently Asked Questions

Voting Rights: Frequently Asked Questions (February 2016)

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