Requesting an Early Reevaluation

July 22, 2022 by Taylor Giordullo / special education

What is a reevaluation? 

Every three years, school districts are required to reevaluate students receiving special education services. An evaluation of a student is called an Evaluation Team Report (ETR). However, there may be some cases where you would like to request an evaluation before the three years are up. Below are instructions on when you should request an early reevaluation, how to best make this request, and a sample letter you can use when requesting one from a school.

When is a good time to request an early reevaluation?

You may want to request a reevaluation if there are new developments or concerns that are not being effectively addressed by your child’s current Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). These concerns can include bad grades, bad test scores, behavioral issues, or a new medical diagnosis (if it significantly changes your child’s disability category and service needs).

A school should automatically conduct an early reevaluation when a child is transitioning from preschool to school-age.

How do you request an early reevaluation?

The process of requesting an early reevaluation is the same as the initial request for special education services. You may request a reevaluation by sending a letter (via mail or email) to the principal or the special education coordinator of the school.

The request should focus on why you think your child needs to be reevaluated early. Include in your request documents and information that support your position. Helpful evidence can include test scores, behavioral issues, or teacher reports. A school is more likely to agree to an early reevaluation if you provide support for your request. 

Be sure to include your consent for an early reevaluation in the request. If the school accepts your request, it will have 60 days from the time the request was made to perform an early reevaluation.

Below is a request for an early reevaluation sample letter. You may adapt it as needed if you are sending the request via email.

What should you do if the school rejects your request for an early reevaluation?

A school has grounds to reject an early reevaluation if it has been less than a year since the previous evaluation.

A school may also reject your request if it does not agree with your reasoning as to why an early reevaluation is necessary.

If you disagree with the school’s decision, you may choose to submit a complaint to the school district’s administration. Read more about dispute resolution here: Special Education Dispute Resolution

If you are unable to have the school district perform an early reevaluation, you have the right to request an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE). Read more about requesting an IEE here: DRO Letter Writing for an IEE 


Sample Letter:

Date (month, day, year)

Name of Principal/Administrator

Name of School

Street Address

City, State, Zip Code


Dear (Principal/Administrator’s Name):

I am writing to request that my (child), (child’s name), receive an early reevaluation for special education related services. I am concerned that (child’s name) is having new problems in school that need to be addressed. (Child’s name) is in the (number of grade) grade at (name of school). (Teacher’s name) is (his/her/their) teacher.

Specifically, I am concerned because (child’s name) (explain what new developments have led you to request an early reevaluation, give direct and specific examples).

We have tried the following to help (child’s name) (state what you or the school have done, explain the updates you want made to the current plan).

This letter serves as my request and consent for an early reevaluation of my child and (his/her/their) evaluation team report. Please provide me with the name and email or telephone number of the person who will be forwarded this letter and will be coordinating the reevaluation. You can send me the information or call me during the day (daytime telephone number).

Thank you for your prompt attention to my request. I look forward to hearing from you within five school days of the date you receive this letter.


Your Name

Street Address

City, State, Zip Code



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