Assistance with Casting Your Ballot

October 30, 2012 / voting

Voters with disabilities have a right to equal access to their polling location, and to cast a private ballot. Voters with disabilities who have complaints about access, meaningful accommodations, assistance, or other rights violations can contact Disability Rights Ohio.

If you want to, you may bring a sample ballot into the voting booth with you. If you need help in voting, you may bring a person of your choice into the voting booth to assist you. However, that person may not be a candidate on the ballot, and may not be an agent of your employer or your labor union. If you need help in voting but have no one to assist you, two poll workers will provide assistance to you in marking your ballot.

It should be noted that until recently some confusion existed in this regard among poll workers. However, a change in Ohio election law has brought state law on this subject into conformity with both federal law and the Glancy consent order (Ohio Revised Code Section 3505.24). This development should end any further misunderstanding among poll workers on this subject.

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