Busting #MedicaidMyths: Addiction treatment services

May 2, 2017 / #MedicaidMyths

Myth: The opioid crisis worries me a lot. So many people in my community are dying. Ohio needs to do more to get people into treatment. Those programs are funded by the state and the county mental health boards, not Medicaid, right?

Fact: Medicaid covers these programs. Individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) who are Medicaid eligible are able to use their Medicaid coverage to receive treatment. Nearly 12 percent of individuals who are over 18 and covered by Medicaid have a SUD. Currently in Ohio, 32.2% of individuals covered under Medicaid expansion are diagnosed with a SUD and are receiving treatment as well as prescriptions or medication associated with abuse and dependence. Beyond that, individuals with a SUD have improved access to care under Medicaid. Before expansion, this population of low-income individuals did not have coverage for substance abuse treatment. Medicaid also helps these individuals access housing and employment. If substantial cuts were to happen to Medicaid, or Medicaid expansion were removed, these individuals would not have access to the same treatment they do today.

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