Busting #MedicaidMyths: Long-term job coaching

July 14, 2017 / #MedicaidMyths

Myth: My best friend's son has Down Syndrome and works in an office with a job coach. That service is paid for by employment programs at Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, though, not Medicaid. Medicaid is only for medical needs.

Fact: While the state does provide some short-term employment services to people with disabilities, individuals with developmental disabilities who get waiver services are eligible for long-term job coaching and services paid for by Medicaid. Those services can include career discovery to determine the kinds of jobs a person might like, transportation to and from work, or training on how to do a job or use assistive technology. A job coach can even train the person's supervisor and co-workers so they know the best ways to work with them. Each person is eligible for a certain amount of job coaching services each year, but those services can continue year after year throughout their life as their interests and skills develop.

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