Cincinnati, Toledo and Cleveland public school teachers: DRO needs your help

April 21, 2015 / education

Teachers from the Cincinnati Public School District, Toledo Public School District and Cleveland Metropolitan School District:

Disability Rights Ohio is looking for volunteers to participate in an interview as part of Doe v. State of Ohio, a class action lawsuit brought by Disability Rights Ohio on behalf of all preschool and school-age students with disabilities in the state. The lawsuit is against the State of Ohio, not the Cincinnati Public School District, Toledo Public School District, Cleveland Metropolitan School District or any other local school district. The goal of the lawsuit is to ensure that all Ohio public schools have sufficient resources to provide students with disabilities appropriate special education and related services and accommodations.

DRO has hired a team of former special education directors to be our expert consultants in the lawsuit and to evaluate the education and services students with disabilities receive. They are evaluating the largest urban school districts, including the districts in Cincinnati, Toledo and Cleveland, which account for a large percentage of students with disabilities. They hope to interview a number of employees of local school districts because it is in individual schools and classrooms where special education resources have a lasting impact on students and staff. They are particularly interested in talking to general and special education teachers and related service providers. The consultants — not lawyers — will be conducting these interviews, which will focus on your experiences and the adequacy of resources for special education in your school district. The consultants will not be evaluating your performance, and any information you share will be used only for the purposes of this litigation. If you choose to participate, you will be compensated with a $25.00 gift card for your time.

You are under no obligation to volunteer for an interview. If you do volunteer, you are welcome to have a union or other representative present. The Cincinnati Public School District, Toledo Public School District and Cleveland Metropolitan School District take no position one way or the other on whether you volunteer to participate, and the districts will not take any adverse employment action against you if you choose to do so. The interviews will not take place on school grounds or during the school day.

If you are interested in speaking with DRO's consultants, please contact the DRO Intake Department at 614-466-7264 or 800-282-9181 and select Option 2 for more information or to schedule a time for an interview. The interviews will take no more than 30-45 minutes and will be scheduled at a time most convenient for you.

DRO thanks you in advance for your consideration.

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