Disability Rights Ohio provides voters assistance with election day hotline

November 7, 2012 / voting

Every election, Disability Rights Ohio has a voting hotline during polling hours on election day. On Tuesday’s general election, the hotline received sixteen calls. Attorneys from Disability Rights Ohio provided assistance and advice to each caller.

  • Three voters were given information about their voter registration and correct polling location.
  • Two voters learned about what kind of identification they could use to vote. 
  • Three voters found out where and how to vote when they had moved but not updated their address with the board of elections.
  • Three voters who were unexpectedly hospitalized on election day were able to obtain absentee ballots from their boards of election. For one voter who was hospitalized in a different county than where he lived and voted, the two boards of election worked together to provide the individual with a ballot.

Disability Rights Ohio Files Emergency Voting Lawsuit

Disability Rights Ohio filed an emergency complaint and motion for injunctive relief at 7:38 p.m. on election night on behalf of a voter who had not received her requested absentee ballot and could not go to the polls to vote in person because she was in a psychiatric hospital several counties away from her voting location. After the Board of Election and the Secretary of State refused to provide a reasonable accommodations to allow her to vote, Disability Rights Ohio filed an emergency complaint and motion for a temporary restraining order. The lawsuit is pending before Judge Rice of the federal district court for the Southern District of Ohio.

Complaint and request for temporary restraining order [PDF]

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