DRO expresses concerns about new statewide Medicaid EVV system

January 9, 2018 / Medicaid

DRO first contacted the Ohio Department of Medicaid to express concerns about the state's plans to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) in September. However, Medicaid moved forward with the GPS-based EVV system and the delivery of the devices directly to consumers.

As the launch date approached, DRO’s concerns continued to grow, and we requested to meet with the Department last week. During the meeting and in our follow-up letter, we requested a delay of implementation and shared the concerns brought forward to our organization by our clients. ODM launched EVV on January 8, 2018, despite our objections. DRO will continue to closely monitor implementation and address any issues with privacy violations or system capacity that may arise. We have also created a new Frequently Asked Questions document about the EVV system. 

If you have other specific questions, please visit the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s EVV website, email to EVV@medicaid.ohio.gov, or call the Department on their consumer hotline at 800-324-8680.

You can also contact DRO with any questions or concerns at 614-466-7264 or 800-282-9181, and select option 2; TTY 614-728-2553 or 800-858-3542. We also strongly suggest you send us your stories about problems you have with the EVV system on our online intake form.

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