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December 21, 2018 / fundraising

 An African American boy climbs up a rope ladder on a playground as his mom smiles and looks on

At Disability Rights Ohio, we focus on what people with disabilities want for their lives, and we fight every day to make Ohio more inclusive, more integrated and more fair. As we wrap up 2018, we're reflecting on all the work we've done this year, thanks to our tremendous staff, dedicated self-advocate partners and knowledgeable collaborators.

In 2018, DRO:

  • Assisted 573 families with special ed issues
  • Worked on 204 abuse & neglect cases
    • 361 community integration cases
    • 305 employment cases 
    • 8 lawsuits and 2 class actions
  • Helped 10 people through our pro bono partnership
  • Educated 2,613 people about their voting rights
  • Tracked 225 pieces of legislation
  • Provided 2,333 people with short-term assistance through our intake team
  • Supported 107 victims of crime with disabilities
  • Helped 561 people understand their benefits through our Work Incentives Planning and Assistance program

In an effort to protect the rights of all children and adults with disabilities, we depend on the generosity, goodwill and sense of justice of people like you to provide us with the resources that we need to advocate for the rights of individuals across Ohio.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or any amount helps us take on all of these cases and work at no cost to clients. Together, we change lives of Ohioans with disabilities every day.

If you have not yet donated this year, we ask that you finish your year with a gift to DRO so that when the call comes in 2019, it can be met with action, advocacy and victory.

Thank you for supporting the important work of Disability Rights Ohio.

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