DRO Launches 2022 Goals and Objectives

September 30, 2021

On the eve of a new fiscal year, today Disability Rights Ohio is proud to formally launch our 2022 Goals and Objectives. This guidance - referred to as our "priorities" in past years - is used to shape and evaluate our work in the year ahead. 

Every year, we seek community input to focus our advocacy on issues of the highest importance to Ohioans with disabilities and strategies where we can have the most effective impact. Our work will focus on empowering Ohioans with disabilities to live, work, learn, go, and receive services where and how they choose.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to disproportionally impact people with disabilities. In this coming year, we will remain focused on lifting up the perspectives of Ohioans with disabilities and providing advocacy, resources, and outreach to promote access to needed services across many affected systems from healthcare to education.

In addition, we will continue to recognize how racial justice and disability rights intersect. Our mission may be to advocate for the human, civil and legal rights of Ohioans with disabilities, but that is not in a vacuum. We know that the intersection of race and disability impacts our clients. Our mission, our vision and our strategic direction is about equality, freedom from discrimination, and empowering the voices of those who are frequently not valued or listened to. These values will guide how we implement our goals and strive to do more to fight for justice and end discrimination in all its forms.

You can view our new Goals and Objectives at disabilityrightsohio.org/goals.

To download a .pdf of our new Goals and Objectives, click here


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