DRO testimony expresses concern about IP surety bond requirement

June 5, 2018 / independent providers

Disability Rights Ohio has submitted testimony on Ohio Senate Bill 218, which would require independent providers (IPs) to purchase a $10,000 surety bond if they wish to provide services. IPs are a critical part of life for many people with developmental disabilities. Without them, many people would not be able to live and thrive in the community. DRO is concerned that a surety bond requirement -- particularly following so closely after the recent electronic visit verification system requirements -- would deplete an already stressed workforce, putting people at risk of insitutionalization. 

From our comments:

Currently, there are 37,000 individuals enrolled for developmental disabilities waivers and only 13,000 IPs in Ohio. There is already a shortage of qualified individuals to provide care to people with disabilities in Ohio. Because of this, individuals and families struggle to find IPs they like who are able to provide the necessary care. Requiring these IPs to purchase a surety bond could cause IPs to leave the system and further reduce the already limited system capacity.

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