DRO Works To Help Residents Of Intermediate Care Facilities Understand Their Options For Community-Based Services

February 24, 2021

This week, members of the Disability Rights Ohio team will begin virtual visits with residents of Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) to help them understand the opportunities that exist for them to live and receive their services within a home or community setting. As part of the Ball v. DeWine settlement, state-funded waivers are available to help ICF residents move out of these facilities and into their home communities.

Research from the state has shown that around 99% of Ohioans who move from ICFs into home and community-based services end up being happy with their decision to do so. DRO remains committed to helping Ohioans with disabilities who want to live in the community get access to the services and supports that allow them to do so.

Our Factsheet on this topic can be found here, and our virtual visits to these facilities will continue throughout the spring.

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