New DRO publication collects our #MedicaidMyths

July 7, 2017 / #MedicaidMyths

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DRO has collected several of our #MedicaidMyths into a full-color booklet for easy sharing. The resource includes important statistics about Medicaid in Ohio, as well as facts like this one:

Myth: "We moved my mom into a nursing home a few months ago. I've heard that Congress isn't planning to touch Medicare, so we're safe. Cuts to Medicaid won't affect us."

Fact: Cuts to Medicaid will affect you. Medicare only supports rehabilitation in a nursing home for a limited time, from a few days to a few months. Beyond that, Medicaid is the program that pays for nursing home care. In fact, 25% of total Medicaid spending goes towards long-term care services and supports, including nursing facilities and home and community-based waivers, like PASSPORT. With cuts to Medicaid, many seniors and their families would find themselves unable to afford nursing home care.

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