One Year Later

March 10, 2021 / COVID-19

One year ago, then-new DRO Executive Director Kerstin Sjoberg published this message to our supporters:

“I am so excited to be Executive Director at Disability Rights Ohio and have the opportunity to partner with all of you. I learned early in life that speaking up and listening are essential to doing what’s right and getting things done. They are also the first step to effective advocacy. And that is what Disability Rights Ohio is all about.

Our vision at DRO is a society where all people have the opportunity to live their lives to their full potential, making their own choices about how to direct their own lives and being free from discrimination, abuse and barriers to full participation. I know you share this same vision.

Speaking up and listening are such an important part of fighting to make this vision a reality for everyone. I invite you to speak up when you hear about a problem that impairs this vision, and let us know how we can partner with you to combat that problem.

I am so proud and humble to have an opportunity to work with all of you to advocate for Ohioans with disabilities. Thank you for your ongoing support of DRO’s mission and work.”

At that point in early 2020, none of us knew the challenges we would soon be facing. Through the thoughtful simplicity of this vision, the DRO team rose to confront the whole new world of barriers and problems impacting people with disabilities amid a global pandemic.

While we aren’t out of the woods yet, we are confident now more than ever in the fortitude of our staff, the importance of or work, and the vitality of our advocacy.

We’re ready to face whatever comes next.

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