Take our survey about Ohio's new waiver waiting list system

September 13, 2019 / waivers

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities last year unveiled a new rule governing waiting lists for Medicaid waiver programs for people with developmental disabilities. People are now being assessed by their County Board to determine their level of need for waiver services. Some people may receive a waiver immediately, some are found to have current needs and are placed on a waiting list. Others may not receive a waiver or be put on a waiting list because they are told they can access other types of services to meet their needs. Additionally, people may be told they have no needs and are removed from the waiting list altogether.

We want a better idea of how this system is working for people and their families across Ohio. Please fill out this survey to help us review the new system by September 30. This is not a form meant to request or act as legal representation.

We have already received a number of calls asking for help and guidance. You should also contact DRO if you need waiver services. We can, at the very least, provide you advice on what to do. We also have a pro bono program that operates in many counties of Ohio that may be able to provide legal representation at Medicaid state hearings.

This information may be shared with public officials or decision makers.

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