Voters with Disabilities: We want to hear your stories

September 22, 2015 / voting

  1. Voters with disabilities should be able to vote independently and privately, just like people without disabilities. Disability Rights Ohio wants to hear your stories about problems you have had when trying to vote or registering to vote. Some common problems include:
  • Using websites for the Ohio Secretary of State and your county board of elections;
  • Completing forms for registration, absentee ballots, provisional ballots, and other special forms;
  • Getting assistance with voting at the polls or early voting sites; and
  • Using Ohio’s new electronic sign-in books at the polls
  • Disability Rights Ohio wants to hear from you to help us prepare for the upcoming elections. To tell us your story, please contact our intake department at 1-800-282-9181, option 2, or leave a message on our Facebook page,

Download a flier of this announcement [PDF]


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