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If you were involved with the criminal justice system and a court committed you to a hospital or mental health agency under a forensic status, you have rights, but the court can limit your rights.

Your Rights Under Forensic Commitment

Your rights are mostly the same as other people in the hospital or mental health agency, but some of your rights can be limited by the court that commits you to the hospital or mental health agency. You always have the right to make a complaint, and to have a lawyer.

Your rights can support your recovery because even though you may be in the hospital or mental health agency because of a criminal matter, you are still a human being and you still have the right to recover.

Use your rights. Find out about your rights. Ask to talk with a person called the "Forensic Liaison" to find out about your rights. Find out if the court has limited or taken away any of your rights because of the criminal matter that got you to court. You may be on a "Forensic Status" if you are:

  • on a forensic commitment;
  • not guilty by reason of insanity;
  • incompetent to stand trial;
  • on a competency restoration;
  • unrestorable to competency; or
  • on a jail transfer.

Other people should help you use your rights. Other people should help you learn about your rights and if your rights have been limited or taken away by the court. Other people should respect you as a human being and respect your rights. In doing this they honor your right to recover.

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