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You have rights under the laws of the United States of America and the State of Ohio. You do not lose your rights if you have a mental illness, or if you are getting treatment in the mental health system. The laws of your country and your state protect you like they protect everyone else.

Your Rights Under State and Federal Laws

It is your right to be protected by the Constitution of the United States of America, and by United States federal laws and Ohio state laws. This right can support your recovery because being protected by the law gives you freedom to be who you are, and to live a life that satisfies you.

Use your rights. Learn about your rights, and about laws that protect you — ask people. Know that you have many civil rights, including the right:

  • to vote;
  • to be married;
  • to make a will;
  • to make contracts;
  • to file a complaint if someone commits a crime against you; and
  • to go to court to sue.

Also, it is against the law to be fired from a job just because of a mental illness.

Other people should help you use your rights. Other people should help you learn about your rights, and about the laws that protect you. Other people should not take away your right to protection under the law. These people must tell you about your rights because it is their job to tell you. These people are:

  • a client advocate;
  • a patient representative;
  • a client rights officer; and
  • your lawyer, if you have one.

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