DRO submits testimony on service provider pay rates and system capacity

Disability Rights Ohio Executive Director Michael Kirkman submitted testimony Friday on the provision of Substitute House Bill 49 removing money for increased pay for direct service providers of waiver services. Read more...

May 1, 2017Read More

People with Disabilities and Advocates: Raise Your Voice!

The Ohio Senate will be meeting at 1 p.m. tomorrow to review the Ohio budget and decide how much money will be provided for services and programs that allow people with developmental disabilities to live in the community. Read more...

May 13, 2015Read More

Support People with Disabilities at the Ohio Statehouse!

The Ohio Senate Medicaid Committee will be hearing from government officials and the public about the Department of Developmental Disabilities budget at 1 p.m. Thursday, May 14 at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. Read more...

May 8, 2015Read More

DRO offers overviews of budget proposals from key state agencies

On Friday, February 6, Disability Rights Ohio held an Ohio Disability Policy and Advocacy Briefing, bringing together advocates from organizations throughout the state to discuss the state budget process, advocacy strategies, and Governor Kasich’s budget proposals. Read more...

February 10, 2015Read More

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