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Most employment discrimination disputes are resolved through informal methods. The most basic informal method is talking with the employer to explain your legal right to equal employment opportunity under the laws. Informal methods include:

  • Self-advocacy during discussions with the employer;
  • Community support and persuasion;
  • Advocacy and negotiation by a professional advocate;
  • Mediation and dispute resolution by a neutral party.

If your lawyer advises you that informal methods may achieve your goals and will not jeopardize your rights, you may try to resolve your dispute informally before you file complaints with government agencies and before you file suit in court. For example, an employer who denies your request for a reasonable accommodation may agree to your request if you provide documentation that demonstrates the necessity for the requested reasonable accommodation in order for you to perform essential job functions.

If informal methods do not resolve your dispute with the employer, you have the right to file complaints and lawsuits. You have limited time to do so.

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