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Remedies are ways to repair the harm done to you when the employer has violated employment laws and has discriminated against you because you have a disability. A variety of remedies are available according to state and federal laws that prohibit employment discrimination. The employer may agree to provide some of these remedies as the result of informal methods such as advocacy, negotiation, and mediation. Or the employer may be ordered by the government agency or by a court to provide some of these remedies, as the result of your complaint or lawsuit.

In general, these remedies may include orders requiring the employer to:

  • hire, reinstate or promote you;
  • provide you reasonable accommodation for your disability;
  • give you "back pay" since the act of discrimination;
  • give you "front pay" beginning on a specific date;
  • pay costs of your lawsuit, such as attorney, witness and court fees;
  • compensate you for mental anguish and inconvenience;
  • pay punitive damages as punishment for an employer's malicious or reckless acts;
  • post public notices about the employer's violation and employees' legal rights;
  • take action to prevent further discrimination;
  • admission or restoration to union membership.

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