#AdvocacyMatters: The Next Generation of Advocates

May 13, 2022 / #AdvocacyMatters

Movement towards a truly equitable society will only carry forward if our focus rests not just on today’s challenges, but also on preparing for those ahead. Bridging the inequities throughout our communities and across our society isn’t something that one generation can accomplish. By training and investing in a new generation of advocates, we can be sure that the work will carry on and our full vision can someday be realized.

Services for Independent Living, a Cleveland-area Center for Independent Living, is currently developing a Young Adults Council to empower more young adults with disabilities to get involved with advocacy. This council will feature young adults with disabilities from across Ohio and will afford members in-depth opportunities to explore several different components of advocacy in today’s world. The council will meet for Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions, with a broad array of trainings and activities in store.

Services for Independent Living says that any recent high school graduate between the ages of 18 and 33 who has a disability and who wants to learn how to make a difference by gaining confidence with their leadership experience is eligible to apply.

Training and empowering this next generation of advocates is essential. As this battle for equity started long before us, and unfortunately will likely continue long after us, the continuity provided by one generation preparing the next will allow for seamless transitions until the battle is won. Those interested in the Young Adults Council can learn more about the program and how to apply here. #AdvocacyMatters isn’t just something we say, it’s a common thread that weaves through the work of our allies and the mission that keeps us going.

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