Kids were at risk in a locked room. We opened the doors. #AdvocacyMatters

July 25, 2018 / #AdvocacyMatters

A boy rocks on a piece of equipment in a sensory room

A DRO advocate got a tip that children with disabilities were being locked inside a recreation room at a learning center, so she traveled to the facility unannounced and asked for a tour. The program’s administrator was happy to show the advocate around. When they arrived at the room they called the “gym,” the administrator reached up to unlatch a lock about six feet up on the door. Inside, the advocate found two children and an aide with equipment, such as bean bag chairs, a swing and a trampoline. She asked how people get out of the room if the door is locked from the outside. The administrator explained that they had to knock – a clear and dangerous fire code violation.

DRO’s advocate notified the learning center that they had two weeks to remove all locks from the outside of the gym doors. The administrator willingly complied, as the advocate verified in person. The children in the facility can now take advantage of the gym equipment without being placed at risk.

Tips from the public help us keep people with disabilities safe and hold facilities accountable. If you have a tip – even if it’s anonymous – contact us.

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