Sandra's new home and health services were threatened. We gave her the tools she needed to get them back. #AdvocacyMatters

December 13, 2019 / waivers

Sandra, an older adult, had recently experienced homelessness. However, once she had the resources to obtain housing through the PASSPORT waiver, the state told Sandra that she no longer qualified for these lifesaving services. She, like many Ohio seniors, required long-term services and care, but preferred to receive assistance in her home, rather than in a nursing facility. Worried about leaving her new home, she contacted DRO for support.

A DRO attorney informed Sandra of her right to appeal the decision to terminate her services, and advised her on the best ways to advocate for herself at her state hearing. DRO also coordinated with the local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) caseworker to help Sandra's case get re-examined.

Because Sandra reached out to DRO, she was given the tools to advocate on her own behalf, the decision was reversed, and she was able to access these lifesaving services in the comfort of her own home.

If your in-home services are threatened, or you are concerned about a change in services, contact DRO, and check out our Medicaid and Community Integration resources to better understand your rights.


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